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Tuesday’s Tech Tips 12/11/12

Here are Tuesday’s Tech Tips for this week. I hope you can find something useful or at least interesting among these resources.
Infographics are useful for taking data that is too large for the brain to understand and communicating it with a picture. The imporance of using tools like infographics to help students begin to ask deeper questions about data and the relationships it communicates is a critical skill for their future. Since analyzing big data is a relatively new phenomenon, our TEKS have not kept up with this trend. Using Infographics in your classroom a step in the right direction.
60+ Great Educational Infographics for your Clasroom

Google Apps Tips for Educators

Free Technology for Teachers: How to Create PDFs in Google Drive in Three Steps
Free Technology for Teachers: 5,000 Stock Images for Google Drive Users
Google Presentation for Collaborative Learning
Vizaroo – Collect Student Feedback in Diagrams
15 Strategies Educators Can Use to Stop Cyberbullying

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